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2009-08-24 02:55 pm

updatey stuff

I now also have a facebook account (fabricdragon) a twitter account (fabricdragon) etc.  thats in addition to livejournal, ravelry, and more..

the only place i am NOT fabricdragon is www.bookcrossing.com where i am fabric-dragon  because someone already had my name

pssst. having huge bead sale over on my Lj site right now   
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2009-07-12 03:00 pm
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First Post

well, thanks to [personal profile] twistedchick i now have a dreamwidth account.  I usually post over on livejournal, but its always good to have a backup plan, especially with the customer service issues Lj has had.

my Live Journal is  HERE
my webpage (horribly outdated) is HERE
i also have an insane journal i will add the link when i get around to it.
my email is kirsten at fabricdragon dot com
and my phone number is on my webpage.